Wedding Shower Decoration

A wedding shower is an output of traditions and customs for years together. In a wedding shower the bride is showered with gifts before she gets wedded. Generally guests invited to this shower wedding provide the bride with necessities which are required after the marriage to set her home. Wedding shower is called kitchen tea party or hen's party, in some countries. A bride is provided with all essential things related to her new kitchen by the guests. Therefore the word kitchen party is given to the term wedding shower in some countries.

Generally before giving a shower party both the bride and groom are consulted and a list of gifts is prepared by the hosts who are to through the party for the couple. It is seen that this list is provided to the guests also so that the gifts which the couple gets on their wedding shower are not repetitive. Nowadays wedding shower ceremonies involve both females and males as invitees. Traditionally the shower wedding party was given to the bride by her female friends and family only. But now the traditions are changing and the shower wedding has taken modern look. It has become a party to pamper the bride along with the groom. A shower party is given before a wedding ceremony; to please the new would be couple.

Wedding shower decoration may involve, a theme party depending upon the nature of bride. Beach party, garden party, a party at your backyard, hotel party there are many options available for a shower party venue. The venue where shower wedding decoration is organized can be decorated with lots of floral arrangements.

If the area is garden, nature will provide with flowers. The only thing you have to do is embellish the garden premises in accordance with the natural floral available to you. Treat the bride like a princess and shower her with gifts. If the bride loves balloons arrange for balloon decorations. Use a theme color and garnish the wedding shower premises. Arrange for chairs and tables for sitting arrangements at the venue. Sitting arrangements should be comfortable and stylish, for the guests. Use stylish table cloths to drape your tables and cover the chairs with some well-designed fabrics. Decorate these with balloons and colorful ribbons. Flower can be used on the guest tables to garnish its appearance.

Chairs can also be decorated with flowers. Tables should be placed with numberings and names of guests who are to occupy the seat with their family. Generally white color is used as theme color in most of the showers as it is most accepted color for all ceremonies nowadays.

Place a photo of the couple to be on a center piece table and surround it with gifts and balloons. You can use rose petals to decorate the centerpiece table along with artistic candles. For creating a relaxed atmosphere for the bride at the wedding shower decorate the shower area with aromatic flowers, colorful balloons, dazzling ribbons and romantic candles. Arrange a cake for the bride with name of her groom, this would add to her excitement and happiness. Wedding shower decoration is generally done to delight the bride and groom together. Therefore groom should also be made comfortable along with his guests. No guests should be left empty handed when he or she evicts the shower venue. Arrange for beautiful bridal shower favors for your guests. Cookies, chocolates, toffees, wine and cheese, candies, perfumes, make up kits and many more.

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