Wedding Celling Decoration

When we speak about wedding decorations we decide upon factors like wedding hall decorations, wedding stage decorations, wedding cake decorations, wedding tent decorations, garden decorations and many more. Wedding Ceiling decorations are usually given less important as compared to principal decorations in the ceremony. As the guests are initially attracted towards the wedding hall decorations, ceiling decorations become secondary issue. But there are many ways to beautify the Wedding Ceiling decorations. Draping of cloth can be attached from one end of the ceiling to other.

Twinkle lights can be attached around these drapes. The color combinations of ceiling decoration should match up with all other decorations in the wedding hall. The selection of colors depends upon likes and dislikes of wedding couples. White color is the most loved color generally in western wedding decorations. The whole wedding area is decorated with white curtains, white table clothes, white chair drapes and white ceiling drapes. Along with white, pink, red or blue colors are most favored for decorations.

Wedding Ceiling decorations can also be done with the help of long curtains which can be decorated with flowers and balloons. A center piece in form of an artistic Chandelier can be appended from the apex of ceiling. A cake can be placed exactly below this chandelier, so that the cake is highlighted due to lanterns brightness. Even small lanterns made out of paper can be attached to the ceiling area. This would beautify the ceiling. Electric candles can be placed in these lanterns, to create a blaze in the wedding ambiance.

Western wedding decorations are not complete without cakes, flowers, dazzling strings, ribbons, balloons, wall hangings, wind chimes, lights, lamps, candles, chocolates and aromatic perfumes. A ceiling can be decorated by suspending a big balloon from the top carved with the name of couple.

The balloon can be busted when the couple cuts the cake and exchanges rings with each other. Petals of colorful flowers can be showered by busting the balloon attached at the axis of ceiling. Ribbons and dazzling ribbons can be used alongside the ceiling. Wind chimes and wall hangings can be attached at corners of ceiling. If the ceiling constructed is cylindrical, circlet of flowers can be attached to it at specific gapping. Balloons can be attached to ceiling of wedding arena.

Western wedding decorations totally vary from weddings in east. Weddings vary according to the Customs, traditions and beliefs of each civilization. Therefore a specific wedding ceremony cannot exist. Every wedding has something different to watch out. Rituals performed differ from wedding to wedding.

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