Wedding Car Decoration

A perfect wedding ceremony comes to an end with perfect wedding ceremony decorations. A bride and groom get happily wedded and become a loveable couple. A perfectly wedded couple then shuttle to the wedding hall for a reception party. Then the couple zooms for their honeymoon in a delicately decorated wedding car. A wedding car decoration is a very traditional element of a wedding ceremony. A decorated wedding car symbolizes a wedding and the grooms love for the bride.

Blessings and wishes are written on the wedding car by the guests, with permanent liquid markers provided to them at wedding venue. A wedding car or vehicle is decorated with flowers, ribbons and balloons. Wedding car can be decorated with white ribbons and a bunch of colorful flowers placed on it. It's the classiest look of a wedding car and it's least expensive too. While decorating a wedding car floral decorations are loved the most. But balloon decorations can also make the car look very eye-catching and stylish. Balloons can be placed on the handles, top, back and bonnet of the wedding car.

If flowers are used for wedding car decoration, then a heart shape can be carved out of them and placed at the front (bonnet) of the car. Ribbons arranged artistically on the car doors and top can also beautify the glance of wedding car. Two large gold hearts made up of metal can be placed on the front of wedding car. Flora centerpiece can be arranged over the hood of wedding car. The flowers, ribbons and the balloons used for wedding car decorations should be preferred depending on the color of the wedding car.

If it's a black wedding car use a pink floral arrangement with red or white balloons. White roses with pink ribbons can also look very gorgeous. If the wedding car is white or silver then arrange for red flowers, especially roses as they are loved by couples very much. A big heart shaped balloon can be affixed on the back of wedding car carved with the couple's name. Flowers can be utilized to emboss words like just married or married happily on the wedding car. Wedding car decoration kits and other accessories are available in the markets. You can arrange one for decorating a just married wedding car.

Doli's were used during the ancient period in some of the Asian countries, to take the newly wedded bride to the groom's house. These doli's are even used today in typical traditional marriages. To some extent western culture has influenced these countries also. Therefore cars have taken place of doli's due to modernization.

In big cities traditions cannot be followed sometimes due to inconvenience. When we decide to plan a wedding, we have to look into many factors for wedding ceremony decorations, such as wedding hall decorations, decoration for reception, car decorations, cake decorations, ceiling decorations and wedding room decorations. Every think looks very easy before we plan and execute. But it's a tiresome responsibility on the parents and family of the wedding couple.

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