Wedding Hall Decorations

Wedding is a very special occasion for the bride and groom. On the wedding day the couple is treated royally by their friends and relatives. The bride and groom want their wedding to be very extraordinary and unique. The groom and bride along with their relatives want an appropriate management and organization for the wedding ceremonial. They want their wedding ceremony decorations to be perfect. The wedding ceremony starts by welcoming the guests of both bride and groom. Therefore the wedding ceremony decorations should be carried on from the entrance hall of the wedding venue.

The wedding hall decorations can be done by enhancing the look of entrance door. Wedding bells and wall hanging can be dangled on the doors. The door can also be beautified by sagging dazzling strips and ribbons. There can also be placed bowls on both sides of the entrance. Floting candles and flower petals can be displaced in these bowls.

This would craft the gaze of wedding location exceptionally delightful and enjoyable. Rangolies are also an attractive piece of art to create a beautiful impression. The wedding hall decorations can be done with balloons, flowers, strings, ribbons, wind chimes, disco balls, wedding bells, lamps, rope lights and hanging lights, candles and artistic paintings and vases. Pots can also be placed at corners of the hall enriched with colorful roses, jasmine and other beautifying flowers.

White curtains can create a romantic atmosphere along with red roses. Curtains placed at the wedding venue can be attached with red roses. Petals of red or yellow roses can be extended up to the wedding alleyway, from where the bride and groom are to enter. The arena where the bride and groom are to switch over the rings and exchange oaths can be decorated with white and flowers. Generally the wedding ceremony decorations are done as per the wish of bride; therefore colors loved by the bride are used during the wedding ceremony.

Bride and Groom generally use white color for their weddings. But in Asian countries Red and gold are the most significant and auspicious colors used for wedding ceremonies. The bride has to wear red sari for her wedding ceremony and gold ornaments given to her by in-laws and relatives. Traditions, customs and beliefs of every civilization differ. Therefore wedding themes and ideas may be at variance. Wedding rituals may also diverge from one culture to other culture.

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