Free Eid Mubarak Message

Chand Raat, also popularly referred to as Eid Moon. This is an important symbol of great Muslim Festival. Prior to celebrating or participating in Muslim festival, you must understand how they celebrate Eid, the most important festival of their life. Understand the significance of Eid in a Muslim's life will help you celebrate the festival better.

Chaand Raat is actually referred to the Eid Moon eve. On this night, Muslims enjoy the sight of the new moon. Eid is a major Muslim festival and celebrated among Muslims all across the globe. Sending and receiving Eid Mubarak Message is a common affair during this festival. Muslims meet their friends and relatives and wish 'Eid Mubarak' while giving a hug to each other. The foundation of an Islamic month is based on the first look of the lunar crescent. The Muslim Ramadan month may vary in days. It sometimes has 29 days and 30 at other times.

With exceptions, some Muslims in the South Asian region do not celebrate Eid Moon. This is due to its strong association to Eid ul-Fitr. Hence they celebrate Eid ul-Fitr instead of the Chaand Raat.

The festival of Chaand Raat is grand for Muslims. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. The festival is celebrated with great fervour. People love exchanging gifts and sending across 'Eid Mubarak message' to their loved ones. People wear new clothes. Women spend a lot in beautifying themselves and applying mehndi (henna) on their palms.

The streets are jazzed up with lights and people are in festive mood. Children are showered with gifts. Parents make sure that each Eid that passes by becomes a memorable event for the children. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Houses are decorated, rich Muslim cuisine is served, the dresses denote festive mood and children are encouraged to send special 'Eid Mubarak message' to their friends.

The following morning of Chand Raat is celebrated as Eid. Muslims start their day by having meal before heading to the mosque. They recite 'Takbeer' for 'Eid Khutba'. The recitation of Khutba is followed by a beautiful prayer for forgiveness. As soon as the prayer ends, Muslims greet and hug each other. They spread the 'Eid Muarak message', "Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minjum". This means "May Allah accept our fast and prayers from me and you".

The Message "Eid Mubarak," is spread all among friends and relatives across the globe. Soon after wishing each other, Muslims eat their special food prepared for the occasion of Eid. Visiting friends and relatives is also a common affair. Many Muslims believe in donating food and clothes to the poor.

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