New Year Cards

New Year cards are the best way to express the New Year wishes and good will amongst our friends and relatives. Greeting cards originated in countries of China and Egypt. People use to send messages on leaves, papyrus scrolls, handmade paper and scarves to their dear ones. With the technological development, cards gained popularity and were printed in industries. Germany was the first country to exchange printed New Year cards. America is the leading country to manufacture greeting cards for every occasion including New Year. Greeting card though is just a piece of paper with a text but conveys true feelings and touches the heart of the recipient.

One feels great when he receives a greeting card as it is a gesture of love, gratitude and respect. There are various options available in the present age for expressing our thoughts for someone such as fax, mobile calls, emails but greeting cards have always been close to everyone's' heart. It takes efforts to purchase a card and send it which shows the true concern of the sender towards the other person. People, who cannot find time to send a greeting card, try to send their messages through other ways like sms and ecards.

Sending handmade New Year cards is an artistic way of expressing gratefulness. Many people who are creative often try card making at home. This saves huge amount of money as well as gives satisfaction to the sender. It also makes the recipient happy seeing you have put in so much of creativeness and labor in making that card. You can make your own greeting card and sign it by rubber stamping. There are various books, websites available for teaching card making. Sitting with kids for card designing encourages them and brings out hidden talent in them. Children love to use glue, paper, glitters, and embellishments for making their card more decorative. People also add perfume or use scented pens to make it more appealing. In some schools prior to New Year, contests of New Year cards are held as a part of co-curricular activities.

Some people take card making as a hobby and try to earn money out of it. You can purchase material needed for making the cards and sell these cards in a nearby shop, put them in exhibitions, or sell them online. New Year Greetings can be also be expressed by making cards on computer and sending them through mail. You can use flash for adding animation effect which will make it more dazzling. All you need to have at home is a computer, various tools like photo shop and flash along with an internet which will help you to make cards and sell them online through your website. You can also select free electronic cards from various websites where you can customize these cards and send to multiple recipients with a single click. You can change the theme, background, colors, and symbols as per your choice. There are also printable cards available on some websites which allow you to take a print of a card. A printer is necessary for this option. If you have a color printer of good quality then the card looks more professional.


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