Western Wedding Decoration

The most important benefit of a western wedding decoration is that you can arrange your wedding party as per your ideas and creativity. You don't have to rely on the rituals and traditions followed for years. Generally wedding planning is done as per the traditions and customs followed for years in the civilization therefore decorations are to be done without disturbing the originality of a traditional wedding. Theme wedding is an important aspect of western wedding decorations.

In a western wedding the couple generally loves all decorations in white. The stage decorations and wedding hall decorations are all done in white. Cakes are the most attractive part of a western wedding. The bride and groom are dressed up in white. Nowadays weddings are planned on beaches, farm houses, party plots and gardens. Indoor weddings are generally avoided. Couples today have a craze outdoor wedding. Out door wedding generally is managed within the budgets, so they are preferred over hotels and costly club houses. Wedding decorations become easy and simple for the wedding couple.

When we talk of western wedding decorations, the first point that comes in mind is the wedding entrance decorations. The entrance of the wedding arena is to be decorated to welcome the guests to the wedding party premises. The entrance arena can be decorated with wild flowers instead of general seasonal flowers like roses, tulips and lilies. Cactuses of various breeds can be used to decorate the wedding area. Use floating candles placed in the decorative bowls near the door way to beautify the wedding entrance arena. Balloons can be used to decorate the balconies, terrace, windows and door of the wedding premises.

Even colorful ribbons and strings can be applied for wedding ceremony decorations. Wedding stage can be decorated with drapes of curtains from the top of the ceilings. These curtains can be decorated with the help of colorful ribbons and strings. A gigantic balloon can be placed at the centre of the wedding stage ceiling. Flowers can be attached to the draping to craft the look. Wedding cake table can be placed at the center of the stage. This wedding cake table can be beautified with flowers and balloons.

If the wedding area is garden, farm houses or a beach match up all your wedding ceremony decorations with the surroundings. Keep in mind the natural beauty which is already all around you. Guest tables can be placed exactly opposite to the wedding tent placed at the garden venue. The guests should be able to watch the wedding. Otherwise place the guest tables and chairs round the wedding table. If the wedding starts at evening dawn then use enchanting lights and lamps to brighten up the venue. Also try to decorate the garden area with twilights which make the atmosphere more pleasing.

A beach wedding decorations can be made pleasurable by using natural hangings made out of bamboos and canes. Tent can be decorated with blue curtain drapes to match up with the blue sky. Table clothes and chair draping can also be done with blue. Flora decorations can be made in white or yellow. Orange would also suit the surrounding beach decorations. Thus western wedding decorations are very pleasing and enjoyable. They are also time saving as the wedding lasts for few hours only.

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