Unique Wedding Decoration

Are you looking for unique decoration ideas? Think what new can you plan for your wedding. What you think would be different from other weddings in the town. Use your ideas and creativity for welcoming your guests. Discuss with your family and friends for unique and distinguished ideas. Plan a wedding as per your wishes and dreams. Unique wedding decoration ideas can be implemented only when you have a theme in your mind. You must have thoughts and opinions with you to be implemented for uniqueness in your wedding.

Click photos of your guests when they enter the wedding ceremony hall. Write a message saying thanks for coming with a smiley on it. Give it to your guests when they leave the wedding ceremony or mail them to their address along with wedding date tagged over it. You can also send a thanking card with it or a bouquet of flowers for special guests. Arrange for some beautiful and colorful roses and present each guest with a rose when they pierce into the wedding hall.

The wedding hall decoration is done very minutely and carefully. So the uniqueness of wedding ceremony can be observed. You can place beautiful candles and flowers at the entrance of the wedding hall. Multicolored flowers are a good choice to decorate the wedding hall. Heart shaped Balloons can be scattered all over the wedding arena. Tie them in bunches of four with colorful and dazzling ribbons. Generally use helium balloons, so that they can float properly on the floor. Place a centerpiece glass table at the wedding hall. Place a bowl on the centerpiece and add ice cubes in it.

Add artificial floting flowers on it. After some time when the ice melts the flowers shall start floting over it. Repeat this if needed by adding some ice cubes. Arrange for photographs of bride and groom, starting from their child hood till their wedding date. Arrange them in ascending order of their age. Place them on one of the walls in the wedding hall ceremony. This can make the bride and groom very happy and fun filled. The guests would also like the idea to exhibit the wedding couple amazingly. Sometimes photographs of bride and groom are en carved on the wedding materials such as wedding balloons, wedding drapes and wedding accessories to be gifted to the guests for attaining the wedding ceremony. Family photos and pictures can also be a part of wedding hall decorations.

Unique wedding decoration may be done by arranging for wild theme decorations. If the wedding is an outdoor wedding you can arrange for wild flower decorations. Use flowers different for seasonal ones. Decorate your wedding tent, guest tents, chairs, tables and all other surroundings with wild but colorful flowers. Wild and forest decorations can be a unique theme for your wedding.

Provide every guest the theme for dressing. Wall hangings of wild flowers can be prepared and attached to the wedding tent in form of drapes. Instead of flowers small but beautiful cactus plants can be placed on guest tables. Use natural bowls made out of bamboo or cane to place these cactus plants. If the wedding is at a beach, long drapes of sea shells and wild flowers can be prepared and attached from the wedding tent up to the entryway horizontally so the guests can find the way to wedding venue. Flower pots made out of cane can be draped in between these hangings

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